Recycled Paint Cans Eco-friendly craft pure soy candles using non GMO & Kosher certified soy wax, Recycled Cotton Wick and pure 100% essential oil(s), essential oil blend and phthalate (THAL-ates) free fragrance oils.

No additives, no color or dyes. Clean burning.

Eco Wood Wicks are lead free and all natural, made from paper and cotton. Trim wick to 1/8" to ensure even burning & prevent soot and flame from becoming too large.

Approximate burn time is 70+ hours.


    • APPLE CRUMBLE – Experience the warm feeling of Fall with our Apple Crumble scent. This fragrance is infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood.

    • BEACH BUM – Take the beach home with you with our Beach Bum scent. This fragrance captivates the smell of Summer by mixing mandarin, sand jasmine, and oceanic mist.

    • CHRISTMAS TREE – Have every morning smell like Christmas with our Christmas Tree candle. This scent mixes pine, cedarwood, fir needles, and spearmint.

    • CLOVES – Our clove candle gets its sweet and spicy fragrance from actual clove with mixed hints of other spices such as cinnamon and ginger.

    • Coffee & Cream – Rich, dark coffee with double cream and sugar.

    • COCONUT & LIME – Our refreshing summer scent Coconut Lime is bursting with lime, orange, coconut, and vanilla. You will feel like you are living on your own tropical island. One of our best sellers!

    • CRACKLING FIREWOOD – We love the smell of our crackling firewood with it's mix of pine, balsam, and citrus bergamot with hints of earthy sandalwood, woodsy patchouli and violet.

    • CRANBERRY APPLE – Fall into the sweet aroma of Cranberry Apple. You'll want to bake your favorite pie while smelling the combination of cranberry, apple, cinnamon, and vanilla.

    • DEEP SEA – Our Deep Sea candle will bring the ocean right to you. A mix of citrus, violet, jasmine with hints of amber and sandalwood will have you reminiscing of the tides long after beach season is over.

    • ICED LEMON BISCOTTI – One of our favorite scents smells good enough to eat! You'll love the sweet blend of rich vanilla, sugar, lemon zest, bergamot, and toasted hazelnut. A best seller!

    • LAVENDER – Sweet and aromatic, our lavender fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including lavender, orange, lemon, and cedarwood, leaving a feeling of calm and tranquility.

    •  MANDARIN MANGO Tropical and sweet, we will have you feeling energized with our fresh smell of mandarins, tangerines, and mango.

    •  MISTLETOE – The signature scent of Christmas is right here in our candle. Creating a warm atmosphere this fragrance consists of mistletoe, pine, and balsam.

    • OCEAN BREEZE – Let this candle take you straight to the beach with fragrances consisting of essential oils with orange, citrus, seashore, and violet. A best seller!

    • PINK GRAPEFRUIT – Lively and uplifting, this customer favorite is a mix of grapefruit, orange zest, and a light musk for sweetness. A best seller!

    • SEA SALT – You will feel like you are at the beach with Sea Salt. Enjoy the fresh scent of sea salt which blends jasmine and cream with a fruity infused hint. A best seller!

    • SUGAR COOKIE – Enjoy the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies with a hint of butter and sweet vanilla.

    • SURF WAX – You'll love our signature scent with a pineapple base, it will have you thinking of surfing, friends, family, and of course the beach. Our best seller!

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